Challenge April 2016: Ten Minutes for Me


Hey there Challenge friends! I am embarking on blogs of life and sustainability so my challenge this month will reflect the simple things.

I am talking on my Just Peachie Me{n}U blog about my latest life journey. In it, I share how the little things in my life are remaking my life. One of those little things is taking time for me. For some of you, the small habit of a daily facial routine means nothing. You zip in and you zip out. For my past me, my brain made that simple task something of a guilt-ridden trap.

Read the blog to uncover more but here’s the fun part: I got over that lie! I am worth the time, and so are you! So starting in April, I will endeavor to do the Ten Minutes for Me challenge. In my ten minutes, I am reclaiming the habit of taking care of my skin. It’s not a world-changer goal, but it is a gamechanger for me. I have found some healthy, sustainable products that I love (a Wisconsin based company called L’Bri…check out my friend’s site at I will share her story with you soon and the impact of LBri for me.) This seemingly mundane daily routine helps me remember that my physical self is a part of me that I need to care for so that I am able to care for the rest of life. Then big things happen because of that little ten minutes. I haven’t been as diligent in this as I want to be, so I am using this challenge to change that. I am so thankful that God has started to show me the wisdom in paying attention to the small things. This is just the start of things I can’t wait to share. But one challenge at a time.

And don’t think this is just written for the ladies out there. Fellas and females, when is the last time you did something for you that made a difference in your life and didn’t just play into that bottomless pit of pleasure seeking just for pleasure’s sake? When did you last make time for the little things that will make a difference for good? Differences that will last? Reading for your own edification. Fitness. Health planning. Writing. Praying. What will you do with your ten minutes? Journey with me. Let’s find out together what a difference a little makes.


About Eydie

Call me a buffet style personality...A little of this and a bit of that topped off with chocolate...a LOT of chocolate! I am a wearer of many hats and often as sections life blend messily into each other, I find it necessary to remind myself there is a reason to find joy and meaning in this crazy mess. Life is full of purpose and my purpose connects with yours. So, I would like to connect to as many people of purpose as possible. I hope you're one of them! Let's see what we can make with each beautiful step of life.

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