Challenge April 2016: Ten Minutes for Me


Hey there Challenge friends! I am embarking on blogs of life and sustainability so my challenge this month will reflect the simple things.

I am talking on my Just Peachie Me{n}U blog about my latest life journey. In it, I share how the little things in my life are remaking my life. One of those little things is taking time for me. For some of you, the small habit of a daily facial routine means nothing. You zip in and you zip out. For my past me, my brain made that simple task something of a guilt-ridden trap.

Read the blog to uncover more but here’s the fun part: I got over that lie! I am worth the time, and so are you! So starting in April, I will endeavor to do the Ten Minutes for Me challenge. In my ten minutes, I am reclaiming the habit of taking care of my skin. It’s not a world-changer goal, but it is a gamechanger for me. I have found some healthy, sustainable products that I love (a Wisconsin based company called L’Bri…check out my friend’s site at I will share her story with you soon and the impact of LBri for me.) This seemingly mundane daily routine helps me remember that my physical self is a part of me that I need to care for so that I am able to care for the rest of life. Then big things happen because of that little ten minutes. I haven’t been as diligent in this as I want to be, so I am using this challenge to change that. I am so thankful that God has started to show me the wisdom in paying attention to the small things. This is just the start of things I can’t wait to share. But one challenge at a time.

And don’t think this is just written for the ladies out there. Fellas and females, when is the last time you did something for you that made a difference in your life and didn’t just play into that bottomless pit of pleasure seeking just for pleasure’s sake? When did you last make time for the little things that will make a difference for good? Differences that will last? Reading for your own edification. Fitness. Health planning. Writing. Praying. What will you do with your ten minutes? Journey with me. Let’s find out together what a difference a little makes.


Birthday Challenge!

Birthday Challenge!

Happy Birthday to..ME! bday cake copy

This year, I am challenging myself to give steps to my dreams and giftings. I am literally giving myself PERMISSION (click to read personal Just Peachie post) to move forward into success and failure…but ultimately to LIFE! And this blog will continue to be a lifeline for me in doing so. As I name goals, I will take steps here to reach them.

Believe it or not, you all reading this have been an invisible support for all I have attempted these last two years. Thank you for reading, commenting, and sharing. I look forward to another year of challenges!

As a birthday wish, I am asking all my friends and readers to share my blog post to anyone and everyone you know. It would be a great present…and practically free for you! Thank you and as you do, please have a piece of cake on me!



A Chicken’s Challenge Update #3


Hello, all!

Well it’s been a couple weeks and although not perfect, I am still committed to my work outs. However, I am still not as committed to changing my eating habits. In the next two weeks, I need to up my game if I want to stop hearing my Wii-fit character give me the “wah-wah”-you’re-not-at-your-goal-yet sound.

Just thought you’d want to know that I am still fighting in my challenge. How are you doing in yours?

We can do this!


Skinny Jeans are for the Brave: A Chicken’s Challenge

Skinny Jeans are for the Brave: A Chicken’s Challenge

Spoiler Alert: This is a blog post with a somewhat superficial challenge. I can’t always be deep, ok.

I have a job that keeps me around lots of teenagers. Most of these kids are some of the bravest people I have ever met because…they wear skinny jeans. In my middle-aged opinion, skinny jeans can only be worn by the brave. So much could go wrong!

image by keerati courtesy of

image by keerati courtesy of

First there’s the finding of the skinny jean. I can only be told “they don’t carry that brand in that size” so many times. Then, there is the possibility that once the jeans are on, they may not come off. My expense account is not plush enough to invest in peel off jeans. Of course. while wearing these skinny jeans, pockets are just for show. No one wants to see how much change I am actually carrying, nor do we want to mention knowing the style of my unmentionables (another brave choice my young friends make. In my life, thong is always wrong!)

And how do the brave move in them? I am not sure. What I am sure of is that if I were to move in them, something would split and it would most likely be my pride.

Yeah. Those brave skinny jean wearing people. I admire them. And though I am not deluded enough to believe I can be like them,

I can still strive to be my best me. So here comes the challenge.

Bikini Body Mommy has a website ( that focuses on getting those of us who have served the world by giving life to precious, perfect, genius children (like mine) back in to the shape we desire instead of the one we have acquired. Honestly, the idea of being a bikini body mommy is laughable when I apply that concept to myself, but hey, if the challenge will get me to quit being a spectator and to get back to taking some time for me, I am all for trying it. And now that I have told you, I have to try at least.

The parameters: 90 days of workouts, watching my diet, guzzling water, and (ugh) weighing and measuring. I will report to you as often as I can and I will make my 30, 60, and 90 days a big reveal day of triumph and trials. And no I am not telling you how much I weigh and all that madness! I might tell you how much I lose

…but it’s really not about being a skinny jean wearer.

This challenge is about being brave enough to live who out who I want to be.
And that person is a lot healthier than I am now.

So here’s to the new challenge! If you are already rocking those skinny jeans, go right on ahead! I’ll be brave in my own way.

Hope you will, too!

Love the Challenge and stay


500 Words Challenge brings me two steps forward…Finally.

500 Words Challenge brings me two steps forward…Finally.

500 words. 31 days. 1 giddy writer.
I actually accomplished a challenge.


Some of you out there in bloggerland might not appreciate my accomplishment. “Big deal!” you say. You’re on day 523, you say. You get up at 4 am so that you can write using your antique quill pen and inkwell and watch the sunrise while drinking your favorite warm beverage by the fireplace. Ok, I have to admit, that’s impressive. But I am still excited for me because achieving your goals should be an exciting and celebratory experience because you did it.

And this time I did it! 

~Determination leads to Success~

~Determination leads to Success~

Achieving success is a great feeling for me. Validating. Purpose-giving. I expected these feelings. What I didn’t anticipate was the sense of connection that propelled me to my goals. My challenge started out as my own, but once my community connected with my goal, it became ours. And I wasn’t going to let us down.

Are you facing a challenge today, maybe a personal goal or a lifelong hardship? Can I encourage in a few ways that helped me move forward?

1. Be your first team member. Commit to yourself. Believe in what success will bring you.

2. Recruit a team for support, both people you know and those you don’t. For me this goal was not just about completing a task but one of the first steps in rebirthing a dream. My husband, daughters, family, and friends have been tremendous supports in my writing goals. But those who love me are a bit biased…and I love that about them. I needed to take a bolder step.  The 500 words community with Jeff Goins 500wordssq-150x150and the coachme app helped me step forward a bit more into the unknown. Would they support me? If I stumble, would they judge? All of these questions I had no answer for until I started. I realized the bigger my team, the more motivated I became to focus on the finish and not the excuses to fail.  My next venture has teamed me up with a blogging class through Blogelina (no shame is honing skills!). I am hopeful that with more accountability and more support will come more success.

3. Find a rhythm all your own. Ever watch 3 year olds dance? They move and baby-shake in ways that are all their own. They don’t look to the other preschoolers to see how they move. They find their own rhythm. I get stuck sometimes trying to do my own thing how someone else does theirs. Selfishly, I think this method will make the work easier and bring the success faster. In actuality, I will become a unoriginal; the shortcut will stunt my creative growth and the loss of myself will mute my voice before it ever gets a chance to speak. Some things I will gain by learning and by being mentored, but some risks I am going to have to take by dancing to my own photo by sattva

What items would add to this list to step towards success? I would love to hear them!

What’s next for me? I will let you know

…after I finish celebrating!

Until next time, here’s to YOUR success!



I am a successful failure


I am a successful failure.

I guess 2014 was more challenging than I thought. I can not believe with the momentum I had created, that I dropped the preverbal blog-ball. More like the “blog ball” was actually a bomb that I could hear ticking but ignored it until it blew up in my face. The blow up made me realize something…

I was not ready.

Not that my heart wasn’t ready. I am the Queen of passionate endeavors. Everything I start, I dive in…and most times over my head. The ironic thing is I really don’t know how to swim. And obviously, I didn’t know how to sustain this blog beast either.

So why am I back? Two reasons.

1. Though I failed in attempt, God never let my heart concede defeat. Yes, the GOD I hope in was the only reason I could look at this page again without feeling like a total waste of blog space. My husband is a great support. Always has been. My family and friends, especially my kids, encouraged me all the time. But I needed something bigger than flesh to spark in me something greater than fear. HE did that for me.

2. Though the fall failure marked my first step, I acknowledge the success that I got up and I am still stepping. I am still trying. I am still learning. I am so glad that I failed so that I could learn about myself, about this work, and about the process. I am a successful failure; and I’m better for it.

So my next endeavor is helping me with me. It’s a challenge by Jeff Goins, an author and pusher of all things writing. In order to motivate others to achieve their passions in writing, he has written several books dedicated to that end and has organized a challenge for people like myself to hone their skills while at the same time shaking off the excuses that stop us from succeeding. The My 500 Words challenge challenges writers to write 500 words for 31 days. The words do not have to be published, just written out, on purpose. Again, Queen of New Starts here embarking on another journey. But a bit wiser, a bit more humble, but also a bit more hopeful that this time…

This time success will come with the win.

“My 500 Words is a 31-day challenge designed to help you answer that question. It will help you get more disciplined, hone your craft, and finally become the writer you’ve dreamed of being.”

What are you attempting this year? Are you willing to fail if it will eventually lead to your success?

Keep challenging yourself and always stay,


Want more Peachie?


Check out what Peachie is serving up for Me{n}U over at wpid-justpeachielogosimplesmall.jpeg


I will be back with Challenge updates in the next week. It will be full of ups, downs, and roundabouts. Until then, will you take a minute and respond in the comment box below, I could really use your input and we will talk soon!

The Challenge of a Lifetime

photo courtesy of sscreations;

photo courtesy of sscreations;

2014 is shaping up to be challenging already.  Not because of this challenge blog, but the challenge lies within life itself.

It’s the big things. It’s the little things. It’s everything. My children are growing up. My husband and I are getting older. Our house is in continual need of repair. So is our cars. My waistband expands. My checking account shrinks. My desires grow.

And it’s not just me.

image courtesy of suphakit73:

image courtesy of suphakit73:

The world fights with words and with weapons. A world of despair and desperation faces challenges of life day to day. Some challenges may seem superficial to me, but to the ones facing them, the situations hold life and death. Others face challenges that haunt my nightmares as an adult; and those who are facing them are just children.

My goal for this year’s challenge blog is presenting it’s own challenge: how do I sort through life and pick one challenge? My answer: I won’t.

I will choose life in its entirety  as my challenge.

image courtesy of scottchan:

image courtesy of scottchan:

How can I best live it, love it, dream it, do it, celebrate it, OWN IT!

My challenge of a lifetime this year will be to take on challenges (some 31 days and some longer) to tackle the major areas of my life: Spirit, Health, Emotions, and Finance.  I’ve got a vision board and everything!

Right now I am in still working on the health aspect. I have until February 14th to lose my 6 pounds of excess that I have ingested. I will also be training for a 5K in March. (OK marathoners, I know it isn’t much TO YOU, but to me it may as well be 100 miles). But like I said in articles past, I need challenges in chunks that I can actually digest. So here it goes. I will post to you every couple of weeks so that I can stay accountable. I’ll let you know what I am reading or learning. Please check my Facebook page or tweet @justpeachiemenu . Connect with me on this journey will ya?

I hope you will!

Go on! Take the challenge! We’ll be




The Holidays are on us already?


What happened to the Grand Summer Challenge of 2013?

The failure turned into a game changer for me., courtesy of Stuart Miles, courtesy of Stuart Miles

Before I tell you my new insane challenge, let me bring you up to speed in my life challenges. Summer 2013 posed itself for grand adventures and goals. Hopeful hearts! Daring dreams! I thought I was ready to tackle them all..

I was not.

My grand challenge was to do several thousand things: write 1000 words a week, run 1000 miles as a family (between 4 of us), read 1000 minutes…you get the idea. Sounds awesome doesn’t it? I was so excited for the finish line. I lined up some great activities. I told you guys about them. I knew I would feel so accomplished when I looked back at my victories. But…I didn’t finish ONE. My devastation and feeling of utter failure was so extensive that it literally stopped my blogging in its tracks. Not because I failed the challenge (check the blog, I’ve done that before), it was due to the fact that the confidence in myself  plummeted. This grand challenge became a metaphor for all I as doing. I thought, “If I can’t finish this, what am I doing? I have started and left undone so many projects. When will it end?” I was almost through…almost.

pixtawan.booksMy 10-year-old, on the other hand, had her own goal. She joined up with our local library to read 20 minutes a day all summer.She wanted to win the prize they offered for any kids who would accomplish this goal. So, she signed up on the official list. Next, she gathered some good books. She made sure we got her to the library every week for her check in. When she checked in every week, she received a little prize of sorts and she met with other kids who were doing the same thing. Usually there was also a neat presentation (except the bug one…yuck!) Before you knew it, the end of the summer came and she did it! She was so proud and so were we. Her summer was actually grand!

When I look back, I can tell the difference. My grand summer failed before it started. The complete lack of self-discipline that reared up in my life and caused my forced hiatus (I haven’t blogged since June!) served as a wake up scream not just call. The wise proverb cautions to “count the cost” before diving into anything. Wise words indeed.

Looking at my daughter’s success  has taught me several keys to a successful life challenge:
  • Start with the payoff: My daughter really wanted to win a prize. In doing so she could take it home, look at it, have a physical reminder of what she accomplished. I never had a prize outside of the ethereal “good feeling”. I love gifts. I should have had something tangible to help myself keep that goal in mind.
  • Involve other people, especially an expert: The librarian that my baby had to check in with every week was extremely affective for motivation. She didn’t want to let her down. Meeting with her friends every week was also extremely helpful. I had no one (I don’t remember you sending me any words of encouragement…but I didn’t exactly reach out either.)
  • Break down your goal into small steps and reward those milestones: Again, I did nothing to that effect. My daughter got something every week with her check ins. She had a little pass-book in which she would give herself a sticker every day she read. Stickers are great rewards! (Are you telling me you would pass up a gold star even today? I would love if the star were made of real gold nowadays though.)
  •  Make it routine: I am so proud that my kid made her daily reading part of her every day. Right after lunch, every day. If we had a trip, she read earlier. Got it done. Me, I waited. I would put it off. I would let life dictate my actions to me instead of me dictating life.

Just taking these few steps would have perhaps totally revised the course of my summer. A grand plan would have led to the completion of the grand challenge. I told my daughter this summer that I didn’t know if I would blog again. In the depths of utter disgust and despair, what you ask brought me back?

That actually has to do with my daughter, too.

Her middle name is Hope.

I just checked my pulse. I’m not dead yet. I have another chance. There’s always another challenge. I may be back to square one, but this time I’m planning, prepping, and yes for me praying. I believe in hope. I am not saying challenges won’t go uncompleted. That may happen. But more than that I will give this challenge, this blog, this life an actual chance. I have to count the cost to the finish, not just in for the beginning. And if I go down, it will be in a blaze of glory (great song, right?) and I will incinerate knowing I gave it the best chance I could. No what ifs. No do-overs. No regrets. I’ll just move on.

I believe we are all meant for great purposes, but often those purposes still need planning. Chance won’t bring continued success. Thank you, my daughter, for your example and for your belief in your momma. I write again, I believe again, I start again in part because of you.

So what is the new insane holiday challenge you ask? I am in the midst of an insane holiday challenge:

Lose 10 pounds by January 1st
candy cane

Looking for something more? Sorry. It’s crazy enough for me. Yes through the holidays. Yes in the face of sugar cookies. Yes in the midst of eggnog, hot chocolate, Christmas parties, fudge, and all other forms of fattiness you can imagine. Yes in the business and stress. Yes with all the kids around.

And yes, I will lose ten pounds. I am already down 5. 5 to go.

The planning

  • My payoff: New clothes. I have a pair of jeans I can’t wait to fit into! 
  • The other people: Well, there’s you (can I count on ya?) I have a Facebook group that I have joined and the women involved are extremely inspiring, especially our leader Pam who is a friend of mine. I would hate to let her down. I also pray about it. Prayer covers everything, even this. I need His help.
  • Small steps: I have to check in every Friday with my weight count. There are several bonus challenges. One of which I won a coffee gift card. That was definitely motivation. I could use another small step reward. You can help me with that at the end of the post.
  • Make it routine: I have decided not to make this about a diet but about real life. I am not depriving myself but more just watching what I eat and how often I do it. Exercise has been a bit of a challenge. I still need to work that into my everyday. Right now I have told myself no fun foods though unless I exercise. That has helped. Now if I could just remember that wake up challenge…and get my rear in gear! My goal is to work out right away in the morning for at least 30 minutes.

So that’s my insanity for the season. Here’s to living a full life! I hope that you don’t wait for next year to start making choices to fulfill your goals. Count the cost and meet the challenge head on.

I hope you will!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! See you will the results in 2014!

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Grand Summer Challenge 2013


Summertime is here, finally!

However, the term summer break is a lie. In my house, summer brings just as much activity as school does, except we have to go to several different places to be a part of them. At least when school was in session, we could drop the ankle-biters off in one spot. I think summer break should be renamed as teacher’s revenge.

So for this teacher’s revenge session, I have been inspired by a blogger friend of mine.

bucket listOver in Mommyville, this wonderful mom of four has laid out a beautiful summer plan for her family. Reading her list of summer fun-filled with water bombs, lemonade stands, gardening…ahh the memories her family will make motivated me! I got a little over excited living through her eyes and thus summer theme for my family was born.

It’s going to be a GRAND SUMMER!

I am springboarding off my inspiration and making it my summer challenge. A challenge so big it will take three months to finish! We  are going to be undertaking several mini challenges that add up to a thousand, making it one big grand summer!, courtesy of Stuart Miles, courtesy of Stuart Miles

  • A thousand pages read
  • A thousand minutes ran
  • A thousand minutes creating
And, hopefully, a thousand memories made, which is the most important challenge of them all. 

On my own,  I am also hoping to accomplish 10,000 words written, either in blogging or some personal projects I’m developing. Don’t worry, I’ll tell you what they are in due time.

Your job: keep me on track. Every week I will give you a post on where we are in “grand total” and what bumps and triumphs we encounter along the way. I may even have some special guest bloggers.Will we make the 1000? Time will tell. The countdown has already begun. Our summer is off and running. Hopefully it will be a grand one. If not, I’m totally stealing all Mommyville‘s summer pictures.

Another challenge accepted and I’m staying,

justpeachielogosimplesmall courtesy of stuart miles courtesy of stuart miles