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Grand Summer Challenge 2013


Summertime is here, finally!

However, the term summer break is a lie. In my house, summer brings just as much activity as school does, except we have to go to several different places to be a part of them. At least when school was in session, we could drop the ankle-biters off in one spot. I think summer break should be renamed as teacher’s revenge.

So for this teacher’s revenge session, I have been inspired by a blogger friend of mine.

bucket listOver in Mommyville, this wonderful mom of four has laid out a beautiful summer plan for her family. Reading her list of summer fun-filled with water bombs, lemonade stands, gardening…ahh the memories her family will make motivated me! I got a little over excited living through her eyes and thus summer theme for my family was born.

It’s going to be a GRAND SUMMER!

I am springboarding off my inspiration and making it my summer challenge. A challenge so big it will take three months to finish! We  are going to be undertaking several mini challenges that add up to a thousand, making it one big grand summer!

freedigitalphotos.net, courtesy of Stuart Miles

freedigitalphotos.net, courtesy of Stuart Miles

  • A thousand pages read
  • A thousand minutes ran
  • A thousand minutes creating
And, hopefully, a thousand memories made, which is the most important challenge of them all. 

On my own,  I am also hoping to accomplish 10,000 words written, either in blogging or some personal projects I’m developing. Don’t worry, I’ll tell you what they are in due time.

Your job: keep me on track. Every week I will give you a post on where we are in “grand total” and what bumps and triumphs we encounter along the way. I may even have some special guest bloggers.Will we make the 1000? Time will tell. The countdown has already begun. Our summer is off and running. Hopefully it will be a grand one. If not, I’m totally stealing all Mommyville‘s summer pictures.

Another challenge accepted and I’m staying,


freedigitalphotos.net: courtesy of stuart miles

freedigitalphotos.net: courtesy of stuart miles