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I am a successful failure


I am a successful failure.

I guess 2014 was more challenging than I thought. I can not believe with the momentum I had created, that I dropped the preverbal blog-ball. More like the “blog ball” was actually a bomb that I could hear ticking but ignored it until it blew up in my face. The blow up made me realize something…

I was not ready.

Not that my heart wasn’t ready. I am the Queen of passionate endeavors. Everything I start, I dive in…and most times over my head. The ironic thing is I really don’t know how to swim. And obviously, I didn’t know how to sustain this blog beast either.

So why am I back? Two reasons.

1. Though I failed in attempt, God never let my heart concede defeat. Yes, the GOD I hope in was the only reason I could look at this page again without feeling like a total waste of blog space. My husband is a great support. Always has been. My family and friends, especially my kids, encouraged me all the time. But I needed something bigger than flesh to spark in me something greater than fear. HE did that for me.

2. Though the fall failure marked my first step, I acknowledge the success that I got up and I am still stepping. I am still trying. I am still learning. I am so glad that I failed so that I could learn about myself, about this work, and about the process. I am a successful failure; and I’m better for it.

So my next endeavor is helping me with me. It’s a challenge by Jeff Goins, an author and pusher of all things writing. In order to motivate others to achieve their passions in writing, he has written several books dedicated to that end and has organized a challenge for people like myself to hone their skills while at the same time shaking off the excuses that stop us from succeeding. The My 500 Words challenge challenges writers to write 500 words for 31 days. The words do not have to be published, just written out, on purpose. Again, Queen of New Starts here embarking on another journey. But a bit wiser, a bit more humble, but also a bit more hopeful that this time…

This time success will come with the win.

“My 500 Words is a 31-day challenge designed to help you answer that question. It will help you get more disciplined, hone your craft, and finally become the writer you’ve dreamed of being.”

What are you attempting this year? Are you willing to fail if it will eventually lead to your success?

Keep challenging yourself and always stay,



Peachie Cleans Challenge Week 4: Canned

Tin Can Cheese Press in Action

(Photo credit: Chiot’s Run)

And that’s a wrap.

51IqGL1H61L._AA160_I’m done. I’ve thrown in the proverbial dustrag as my sign that I have officially canned this challenge. I tried, Sarah Mae. I really did. Your book  31 days to Clean  is inspiring, heartfelt, knowledgeable…everything a guided challenge book should be. Nonetheless, I had to let it go.

 It’s not you, it’s me.

freedigitalphotos.net: Stuart Miles

freedigitalphotos.net: Stuart Miles

If you go back to week 2 and week 3 of this challenge, you can see that there has been a struggle throughout Peachie Cleans. I have had to fight through my attitude. I have had to conquer my schedule and life complications. This past week, I just came to make peace with the inevitable and can the challenge…as in throw it in the garbage can like I was supposed to be doing with the trash and clutter this week.

So what does this mean…Did I fail?

I am very much a pass or fail person. Give me the checklist and I’ll make my marks. When I complete an assignment, it better be handed back to me with a gold star. So when you ask me did I fail this challenge? It’s hard to answer yes. And no.

The goal of this blog was always to perform a challenge so that I could better myself. I have succeeded at the bettering despite my checklist being completed. Sara Mae does a great job reminding her readers that our homes are not badges to wear or status symbols for acknowledgement’s sake. My mission was simple: gain more skills so that my home can be: a safe place where my kids can dream and develop and flourish, a loving place for my family, friends, and neighbors, a tranquil haven amidst the chaos of life, and a recycling center where we give back as much as or more than we take out of life. My mission is to honor the purpose of this physical structure and not to be trapped by its upkeep.

freedigitalphotos.net contributed by njaj
freedigitalphotos.net contributed by njaj

The message of this book did change a lot how I viewed housework and gave me some thoughtful insights on my perception of myself while doing these not so mundane but absolutely necessary and honorable tasks.

But according to my very own (why did I ever make these) rules, as you can see when it came to checklists of the challenge I bombed.

  1.  Don’t skip any tasks no matter what. (Which makes this officially a bonus challenge since we will crest 31 days because of week 3 repeating) FAILED: I TOTALLY SKIPPED DAYS
  2. Don’t move on to the next task if the former isn’t completed. (See above footnote)
  3. Do tell the blogging world how many (or how few) of the challenges I was able to master that week (check Facebook page Just Peachie or twitter @justpeachiemenu for updates or rantings, whatever you choose to see)
  4. Do all tasks with a good going-to-try-my best attitude
  5. Do find a life lesson each week to share

So there you have it. Challenge canned. I’m not going to make excuses and I’m not going to sugar coat my failings. I don’t have to do that. I don’t want to do that. I want the failure to sting a little. I want to imagine you shaking your head as you read this, a little disappointed and a little miffed. I want to think on what went wrong because I want to grow as a person. 

I’m tired of having it all together. I need to fail sometimes. And I need others to know about it.

Bad Grade

(Photo credit: Robert Hruzek)

How awesome could life be if we weren’t ashamed to wear our failures? What if showing our scarlet letters didn’t separate us from each other through condemnation but brought us closer through empathy, compassion, and connectedness. I believe that they can. I want my challenges to inspire you to make and meet your own challenges in life as well. As we conquer them, we will celebrate. As we struggle in them, we can support. As we fail, we can them. I am not done with this challenge for life; I am just canning it for now. I will put it on my shelf of challenges yet to meet. And one day, I will open it up again and the Peachy Clean challenge will be fresh again.

We don’t have to let our failures beat us forever. Can ’em. Grow some more. Train some more. Get more support. Then attack that can again. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be opening up a can of you know what on that challenge the next time around!

That’s what I’m gonna do! And pass or fail I’m gonna stay






Wakey Wakey Challenge Week 2, day 15


Just when I was going to celebrate my halfway mark, I get thrown a curveball. Sickness in me and my family sought to strike me out.

And it did. I missed my wake up for the first time in 15 days. I had planned a halfway through party for this challenge. So failing on this date…well… Kinda takes all the toot out of my horn.

Until I read this from Andy Traub

“You know who fails? People who try to achieve great things.

You know who gets knocked down by others? People who try to stand up for something.

If something is difficult, it’s likely a sign that it’s important. If you’ve failed, then get over it and win tomorrow. It’s a new day.

Past performance is not an indication of future performance.”

What a great reminder to all of us seeking to do a feat that challenges.
One strikeout doesn’t take us out of the game. Gain perspective and hold fast to the goal. The only way to truly lose out is to quit.

And I ain’t quittin!

I really needed that. I already feel the hope returning. Makes me want to celebrate! Pass the party hats…and the Dayquil. I’m gonna make it.

And I’m gonna stay,


For all life dishes to ME{N}U, try to stay…
Just Peachie