Peachie Cleans Challenge Week 2: Floundering and Flourishing


I quit twice this week


Yup. I did. Even with Sarah Mae’s 31 days to Clean  guiding me through two challenges at once the cleaning task and the motives behind the cleaning as a foundation), I am still floundering through this challenge.  Some of the past week’s tasks were not too hard. Mostly remained tweaking the kitchen, which was not bad since my sis in law did that for me only six months ago! However I came across a word that stopped me in my tracks. M.O.P. I own a swiffer and thoroughly enjoy using it as we children and parents spill clumsily throughout our day. All day. Every day. I can’t tell you the last time my kitchen floor got a good ol’ on-the-hands-and-knees scrubbing. And I still can’t, because I didn’t do it.

 I almost quit then.

My next roadblock on this challenge came when I was supposed to sit for an extra ten minutes to journal on how I would like my house to operate. Find an extra what? If I could find a quiet ten minutes extra, I would do that every day! I already took the Wakey Wakey Challenge

and waking earlier than I ever did in my life! I wake up earlier now than I did when I took at 7 am college class…I woke up for that at 6:45 am! I don’t have time for this, I spoke strongly to myself.

And I really did almost quit, again.

I came to this blog to tell you that I am putting the Peachie Cleans challenge to rest for now.

But I changed my mind.

How?Why? Not because I was doing a great job, that is for certain. But it is because I came to grasp that I am not in this challenge to check off a list but to change my life. If I quit, I will not change. If I press on, I may not go one hundred percent by the book, but I will gain momentum on life. So what is my take from this week?

Floundering and flourishing are two parts of the same coin. 

English: World War II 50th Anniversary Silver ...

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Floundering is just exposing an area that needs attention to grow.

The day I stop changing and growing is the day I die and I am not trying to get there quickly, even though I know the place to come is far better than this one. I still have things to do and ways to get better. I took this challenge because I am lacking in areas that this book can not only uncover but help me to conquer. If these areas are not exposed, I can not grow. And just like any good plant, in order to grow, you have to push past some dirt. And in my house, there is a lot of dirt to push. So of course, this may take a while.

Floundering does not have to be the sign of the end. It could be the breath before the breakthrough.

You can not have a Flourish Finish until you have the floundering flop. As I hit rock bottom, I can honestly say I am going to gain momentum by using that bottom to push-off into success instead of laying still and getting buried.

And the finish is my goal, not checking some task off a list. I am seeking to build a foundation for KEEPING a clean house not just checking off chores, cleaning this now and in another month having the same habits, the same defeating mindsets, bring the return of the same chaos and clutter.

I accepted this dreaded challenge because I want a clean house and I want to be motivated to keep it clean…because my house has purpose. My life has purpose. Not by chance and not just because I exist. I was created for purpose and I will live that purpose out.

Let me repeat my mission: I don’t want my house just to become a drop zone between school, work, church, and activities. I want my HOME: a safe place where my kids can dream and develop and flourish, a loving place for my family, friends, and neighbors, a tranquil haven amidst the chaos of life, and a recycling center where we give back as much as or more than we take out of life. My mission to honor the purpose of this physical structure and not to be trapped by its upkeep has given new motivation to my tasks. contributed by njaj contributed by njaj

I may need to keep that up every week. Sarah Mae, the author, does give us the task to print out this statement and hang it so that one can refer back to it as necessary. Count yourself as my pin board.

The great thing about floundering is that the flourish is going to look that much better. I will not perfect these tasks, but I will give my thought life a workout everyday. If I can get my mind under control, I will flourish to the finish. Not just of this challenge either. I want to flourish every day until my finish here on earth is complete.

Before we go, let’s review my challenge rules.

  1.  Don’t skip any tasks no matter what.
  2. Don’t move on to the next task if the former isn’t completed.
  3. Do tell the blogging world how many (or how few) of the challenges I was able to master that week (check Facebook page Just Peachie or twitter @justpeachiemenu for updates or daily rants, whatever you choose to see)
  4. Do all tasks with a good going-to-try-my best attitude
  5. Do find a life lesson each week to share

As this week closes, I look forward to cleaning something other than my kitchen, and to finish with a flourish (it may look like I’m tripping, but it really is a flourish).

My House is gonna be Peachie Clean and I’m gonna stay



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