May Challenge Preview: But I Really Don’t Want to…


It’s inevitable. With the Spring thaw, if it ever comes to the Midwest, I’ll have to clean my house. Sigh…but at least you can come on the journey with me. This May my challenge will be…


31 Days to Clean – Having a Martha House the Mary Way

I’m already groaning. Oh boy…can I make it through this one? We will see.

I’m telling you now so maybe I can get a buddy or two to partner in my misery…er…I mean journey.
Care to join me? Find the book for your kindle or eReader at

I really don’t want to clean.

but I’ll do it and try to stay,



About Just Peachie

Call me a buffet style personality...A little of this and a bit of that topped off with chocolate...a LOT of chocolate! I am a wearer of many hats and often as sections life blend messily into each other, I find it necessary to remind myself there is a reason to find joy and meaning in this crazy mess. Life is full of purpose and my purpose connects with yours. So, I would like to connect to as many people of purpose as possible. I hope you're one of them! Let's see what we can make with each beautiful step of life.

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  1. I bought this book awhile back, and then promptly tried to ignore it so that I wouldn’t have to do all the cleaning it talks about. Oops. Maybe it is time to pull it out again………….visiting from Fellowship Friday linky!

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