Wakey Wakey Challenge Week 2, day 15


Just when I was going to celebrate my halfway mark, I get thrown a curveball. Sickness in me and my family sought to strike me out.

And it did. I missed my wake up for the first time in 15 days. I had planned a halfway through party for this challenge. So failing on this date…well… Kinda takes all the toot out of my horn.

Until I read this from Andy Traub

“You know who fails? People who try to achieve great things.

You know who gets knocked down by others? People who try to stand up for something.

If something is difficult, it’s likely a sign that it’s important. If you’ve failed, then get over it and win tomorrow. It’s a new day.

Past performance is not an indication of future performance.”

What a great reminder to all of us seeking to do a feat that challenges.
One strikeout doesn’t take us out of the game. Gain perspective and hold fast to the goal. The only way to truly lose out is to quit.

And I ain’t quittin!

I really needed that. I already feel the hope returning. Makes me want to celebrate! Pass the party hats…and the Dayquil. I’m gonna make it.

And I’m gonna stay,


For all life dishes to ME{N}U, try to stay…
Just Peachie


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