Many hands make light work…or bigger messes.


Day 25. I’m beginning to realize why this is called a “Challenge”. I knew  how daunting this task was (you saw day 1 pictures right?) but I am staying on the path to completion. However, I realized that I could d  with a little help. For that I enlisted my most trust worthy and hard-working advocates– my family, particularly my beloved children.

Hold on…

Did I say hard-working? I meant they will help to stop my nagging.

Did I say trust worthy? I meant they will help when I am constantly staring over their shoulders.

Did I say advocates? I meant cheap labor. And you always get what you pay for. Here’s the update.

challenge pic day 25

After a few hours of repeating orders and redoing tasks, we managed to make progress. Can’t see it? You can see the floor can’t you…to me, that IS progress. But the progress wasn’t just in the stuff, it was also a process in me.

Why did we make progress? Because we ended up making a big mess. You should have seen my hallway and my front porch filled with throwaway, giveaway, and putaway items. I realized that the only way to clean up was to first mess up. I don’t want to end up with a space that is nice to look at but impractical to live in because it is only surface organized. I want the mess gone. After 31 days, I want this done right!

To get it done right, you will have to make a mess. And you will need help… even if they seem to make things messier, they’re actually helping you finish faster because they can help do tasks and lift things that you couldn’t possibly move on your own. Sounds like a life lesson to me.

I didn’t say I was happy about it (I am a pretty independent person) but I have to admit, it feels good now that it’s over.

Funny…That’s what my kids said, too.

In this last week, I’ll be posting again soon of the end of it all. I don’t know if I’ll complete this challenge, but I do promise to stay,

JUST Peachie

Want to join this challenge? Join over at

Want to join this challenge? Join over at


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