Challenge Sabotage? I hope so. I need someone to blame.


Today is day 15 of the challenge. I am supposed to be halfway done. I am supposed to be seeing progress. I am supposed to be revelling in organized bliss.

office day 15

I’m not. I blame it on sabotage.

The culprits have tiny hands, fast feet, big mouths and, boy, are they sneaky. I believe my children regularly prepare sabotage strategies depending on what my goals are for the day. If I’m writing, then Operation Hold-Me takes effect. If I’m tired, then Operation Scream-My-Head-Off ensues. If I want time with my husband, then Operation Remember-That-Was-How-You-Got-Us starts up in full force.

They are crafty.

They are relentless.

Good thing, they are cute.

Sadly however, they are temporary. Kids don’t stay kids forever. I mean it may be 18 years from now but it will not feel as long once that day comes. They will then leave me to my neatness, and it will be eerily quiet. I will be crazy efficient  yet a part of me will be crazy lonely. (Lord willing, hubby will still be here but come on wives, no one takes the place of our kids.) When that feeling hits, I will jump in my car, drive over to their house and remind them of how it used to be. Then it will be my turn to launch my battle plan, Operation Mommy-Pay-Back. Until sweet revenge, I had better make a battle plan for this office space while my children sleep and stay thankful to God that I have time with them today.


Oh, wait a second, my Mom is calling…

See you later and stay,


Want to join this challenge? Join over at

Want to join this challenge? Join over at


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Call me a buffet style personality...A little of this and a bit of that topped off with chocolate...a LOT of chocolate! I am a wearer of many hats and often as sections life blend messily into each other, I find it necessary to remind myself there is a reason to find joy and meaning in this crazy mess. Life is full of purpose and my purpose connects with yours. So, I would like to connect to as many people of purpose as possible. I hope you're one of them! Let's see what we can make with each beautiful step of life.

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  1. This is absolutely sensational!!! Talk about your ‘wake up call’…this is straight from the heart and pure GOLD!!

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