Embarrassed much? I am today.


I embarrass easily. Due to that fact, I don’t normally walk around with my underwear showing or food in my teeth if I can help it. I try to think before I speak since the taste of foot in mouth disgusts me.

So why am I going to show you the worst room in my house?

Because I have been challenged… and I do love competition.

I am taking I’m an Organizing Junkie’s 31 day organize a room challenge . Whether I complete it or not remains to be seen but, I am up for the adventure even if it feels like I fell down on the ice in front of the whole neighborhood. So without further ado…here’s my mess. My craft/guest room/office…I think.








Well, there you have it. My pants were loose and now they’re all around my ankles. Hello world!  Now that you’ve seen the worst of me, come back for the best, which is yet to come, of course!

Want to join the challenge? Check out  Orgjunkie.com in her 31 Day Organizing Challenge during the month of March and then let me know about it. Misery does love company.

Until then, let’s stay



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  1. Wow. I sure do love a challenge and look forward to seeing how that one works out for you. I had a room like that in my old house. We moved before I sorted it!

    • We used to use the room before we had baby #5 one month ago then it became a catch all…and it’s literally caught all that doesn’t fit in the house. Thanks for the support! Hopefully I’ll finish the challenge and won’t have to move to get it together. Moving however is a great motivate…maybe I’ll pull out the real estate section 🙂

      • LOL! We rented a huge dumpster before our move – of course, our house was being flipped – and I had a massive yard sale. I sold my old bedroom suit for $20, just so we wouldn’t have to move it! Amazing the de-junking I can do given the proper motivation 😉

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